September 9, 2011

Optimistic About Scar Repair

Next week I'll have my first (and probably only) scar revision. I'm excited and nervous. Waffling between feeling vain for wanting to remove a small bit of scar tissue to believing that after two years I somehow deserve to have a little repair done on the scar that never healed very well in the first place. Mainly because this is on my face. If it were located anywhere else on my body I would not be the least bit interested in fixing it. I have felt in my gut that this particular ridge of scar doesn't belong on me, and remain hopeful that my very minor slice & suture in-office procedure will allow that spot to blend better with my skin after two years of looking at my scarred reflection. The graft scar will always be there, but this is one way of making it ever-so-slightly smaller and less noticeable. Never looking forward to having my face cut, especially on this voluntary basis, but I'm feeling optimistic that it will give me a sense of completion on the whole graft thing. It's my way of taking control over it in some small form. When you're first told that you need a skin graft, there is a feeling of loss of control over the entire matter. I'll post photos as it heals.

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