September 16, 2011

Two Years (and a day) Since Graft

The graft scar improved and softened noticeably over the summer, so I arrived at the 2-year mark with a decent looking scar finally. But I still wanted to undergo a revision of the stubborn raised tissue near my nose which was always white. Monday I had it done, and I'm glad I did. My surgeon performed this minor procedure in his office while I sat in the chair. The sutures are staying in for a week, and there was no bruising or swelling. I believe the scar will ultimately be softer and slightly smaller in the long run. I had this done because it is my face and I'm still a little self-conscious about it. By this time next year, I expect the scar will look smoother than it ever has. Through this entire experience I have learned a couple of things: hurry up when you hear the melanoma word (and get it removed), then be very patient while your scar heals. Patience, patience. And even little freckles can be melanoma.

August 2011. This photo also shows the scar on my collarbone where the graft skin was harvested in '09, plus a white scar above my lip where a precancerous lesion was "frozen" off in 2010.

Scar revision September 2011

The raised scar tissue has been removed


  1. I have read your entire story and I have seen all your photos. Congratulations! Your scar is "totally" disappeared.
    I have similar scar on my face, because of a bike accident (many years ago). After years and years of peels, my scar is gradually getting smaller and lighter. I can cover it with make up in a nice way, but... it's always on my cheek! I can see it! People can see it! ...and day after day, this make me fee blue, sad... even more.
    I'm very impressed by your recent surgery and scar progress. Your lovely face is amazing, now and again.
    So, I would like to know something more about your recent surgery, theraphy and about your doctor\surgeon. Of course, I hope this do not create any problem for you, for your privacy.
    If you can't do it... no problem. I understand completely. And I respect you.
    Enjoy your life, enjoy your beautiful face.
    I wish you all the best!

  2. Thank you. I will be posting another photo fairly soon to show how it looks. What else did you want to know? I've never had peels done on this, but I have been massaging the scar nightly with Argan oil, to "press" the scar tissue and flatten it as much as I can.