July 13, 2011

Two years since the dermatologist said the words "melanoma in situ"

The scar keeps getting softer. Biopsies on other cheek a few months ago were negative, thank goodness. I have a September appointment for a small scar revision. The pink on my face in this photo was from being overheated from hiking, not from sunburn. I honestly haven't had a sunburn for two years. In past years, getting a little pink from the sun would have been a normal, routine occurrence during the summer months for me, and was often what I was aiming for. Not any more! Although this summer my arms are getting a little tan from being outdoors for short durations without sunscreen, which worries and pleases me at the same time.

I think about the graft less, don't feel as self-concious about it. Was having a routine colonoscopy last week and noticed that medical staff are quite open about commenting on the graft, and easy to talk with about it.

Have a good summer and stay cool in the shade.


  1. Hi, thank you for your helpful information, it has been very insightful & makes me more optimistic about my outcome as your face now looks great. I am 29 and have just had similar surgery / graft on my face. However I have to be thankful that mine was diagnosed as bcc & not melanoma (I am told this is not as dangerous as melanoma can be) I now have a pressure pad on my face & it is bleeding quite a lot... Is this normal as it is worrying me! I am not a sun bather, in fact I am far from it so my bcc is a bit of a mystery....my op was only yesterday so it's early days....of anxiety about what it will look like & if the margins are clear. Thank you again for sharing your experience

    1. Hi Cupcake! Thank you for writing.

      Mine bled the first night, then I had some dried blood around the pressure pad the next morning. My husband helped me get the dried blood off very carefully with a moistened Q-tip. I don't know if it's normal to be bleeding. If you have a phone number to reach your doctor during off hours, I think it's a valid reason to call and ask about it. Sometimes a nurse or doctor can ease your mind or advise you what to do, even over the weekend. If I remember correctly, I iced the skin near the graft for several days after the surgery to reduce swelling which also was to help reduce bruising. (put ice in small ziplock with some water). That helped it not feel as itchy also.

      The most recent photos I posted were just a few days ago, so you can see how much better the scar looks after 3 years. I think many people's graft scars heal better than mine. Hopefully you'll be one of those good healers. Wishing you well.

    2. Thank you. Thankfully it stopped & now it's the wait for this pressure pad to come off. I think you have done amazingly, it looks so much better & it's now something that would not be obvious without the knowledge of it being there! Wishing you well for the future too

  2. I had melanoma beside my ear,and had surgeries to remove it 2 years ago.but for the last week all around my scar hurts,and now there's a lump just under my ear.did anyone else experience this?