August 20, 2015

Six Years Later

I just want to thank everyone who has written to me and shared their experiences over the years. I still read every comment that is posted, and try to reply to all.

This is how the scar is looking now, in 2015, six years after the graft. 


  1. Oh wow, wow, wow! You loom incredible! This came at such a good time for me- I've had a very bad morning crying over my skin graft above my lip, wondering if it will EVER start to blend. You look fab, I almost can't even see your scar anymore!! So happy for you. Thank you for answering all my questions below- you've helped me so much (and many others too). Bel x

  2. ^^ And by "loom", I of course mean "look"- I think I need another coffee!!

  3. Has anyone seen their scars improve over the years. Plastic surgeons say after one year a scar will not change much. Just wondering if anyone has seen differently.

    1. I believe I've seen improvement and softening during the past six years, with some changes after the first year. During the 2nd and 3rd year, it seemed to become softer, a bit less shiny, and now blends with my face more naturally. The size didn't change but the texture did, for the better.

    2. How long did it take for you to feel comfortable going out in public. Do people ask you about it when they meet you. To me it looks good and not very noticeable

    3. The first year I was extremely self-conscious. I expected people to ask about it when meeting me, but no one actually asked. Well, one nurse at an unrelated appointment said "what happened to your face?"

      After two years, I felt less aware of it in public. Now I hardly ever think about it when I'm around people, and I don't receive curious stares.

      In photos, it looks a little better than the actual thing, but people have to be pretty close to see it now.

      So in my personal experience:
      After one year, fairly comfortable.
      After two years, more comfortable.
      After three years plus, completely comfortable.

    4. Thank you for your encouraging words.