September 15, 2010

One Year Has Passed

Today the weather is almost exactly like the day of my surgery last year on September 15th but today I am able to thoroughly enjoy the day. I remember that morning so clearly. My husband was with me and every time he looked at me while I waited my turn I felt like crying. His eyes were reflecting my worry. I felt worried and sad that my face would forever look different, and knowing that when he would gaze upon my cheeks in the future, it wouldn't be the face he fell in love with. He has been so wonderful about the entire thing and all along he has said it doesn't make a bit of difference to him.

That is what I remember most about the morning of my surgery, and also the moment I awoke from anesthesia. I could hear the nurses talking and the first image in my mind was that of our pony's little round buttocks. What a silly thing to think about! It made me smile. Then I got ready to go home, they gave me some ice to hold on my cheek, and I was seeing double all the way home. Probably due to the proximity of the surgery to my eye. I was just glad it was over. The healing felt slow but looking back now, I can see a continuation of progressive healing. And it's still getting better each day.

I had my 'one year' appointment Monday with the plastic surgeon. He was pleased with how much better it looked since last time and said he doesn't know why it's taking so long to settle and soften, but in 6 months he will see me again. At that time the ridge of thick scar tissue closest to my nose may be softened enough to excise as a scar revision procedure. Too soon to do that now because it could just scar more. My hope is that in 6 months it will just be soft and faded enough that I won't feel the need for any additional cutting or "revisions."

So this is what that once-horrible thing looks like after one year...and it is certainly better than having cancer.


  1. My "scar" is much like yours but in the corner of my eye and nose. I hope it heals as well as yours since I am only 3 weeks out from plastic surgery.

    In a way, I am very lucky because I wear glasses and can camouflage the scar somewhat, but I feel that people are looking at it, wondering what it is! I want to say "this is what cancer REMOVAL looks like".

    You are very pretty with or without this small scar, and I agree it is preferable to cancer. Thanks so much for posting,

  2. Thank you for your story and for posting your journey. I am just starting and am blogging about it about every 3 days. I have surgery booked for July 25th this month. I couldn't decide whether the doc should do a patch or an actual "facelift" type procedure so I am leaving it to him to decide.

    By the way, You look beautiful.

    1. Thank you! I hope things went well with your surgery. It's a vulnerable time right afterward, but healing starts right away, and you will see changes/improvements every day.